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You hear a lot of “behind the scenes” stories about the true songwriters of our time, the special ones who are compelled to write, and couldn’t stop even if they wanted to. A most common tale about such songwriters is the one about keeping a notepad by the bed in order to capture those elusive little idea fairies that tend to escape the grasp seconds upon waking. A most uncommon tale is the one about a songwriter who remains totally coherent in the dream state and writes entire songs while in that slumber, and upon waking has it ready to commit to paper and guitar. Meet Gary Kyle.

Born into to a big family headed by musical parents, a very young Gary was scratching out lyrics from the time he could put pen to paper. His urgency to write was a constant companion captaining him through a life infused with rich homemade love, personal family tragedy and a deep respect for the time allotted us in this life. Growing up just outside of Houston, Texas, he did his best to meet all the requirements that would make him a strong, well-rounded young man; did well in school, went to college where he got some of his best songwriting done while sitting in class, even got a sales job accompanied by a big devoted paycheck. Yet nothing gave him the peace he found in creating music, a beckoning that rose above the cacophony of a “responsible life.” The stage had been calling for years, and he finally answered. Gary and his guitar played over 250 shows that first year and had his first full length album “Livin’” to show for it. The following year, he phased in a fiercely skilled backing band, and within six months went from a brand new act to headliner around his neck of the woods. The course had been set, and Gary was headed towards his true north.

Over the next few years, Gary Kyle released two more studio projects, the full length album “Turn This Life Around” in 2011 and his latest EP “Texas Strong” in 2014. Combined all three released brought in four Top 30 singles on the Texas music charts including “Texas Strong,” the theme song for the nationally syndicated TV show “Lone Star Roads” with host and revered radio programmer, Justin Frazell. A growing demand for his live show kept him on the road for the most part of each month and he was honored to have the opportunity to share stages with alumni artists including John Michael Montgomery and Tanya Tucker. While Gary’s live show echoes his deep roots in Texas and the storied music scene that thrives there, his writing style is the seasoned recipe found largely in the music city of Nashville. It’s this kind of 50/50 concoction that removes all regional borders leaving Gary free to move about the “country.” It’s also the basis for his decision to release in his brand new album in halves.

On September 8th, 2017, Gary will release the first edition entitled “Rewind White,” a 6-song EP that projects the spirit of his big Texas soul. The first single “Tornado” characterizes the overall climate of this bona fide country music release and is already sweeping through radio and headed up the Texas Regional Radio chart. When it comes to putting on the old cowboy boots and heading to the dance floor, Gary does it just right like on the rambunctious “So Good So Far” and the slightly more laidback “Late Night Runaround.” And when it comes to the more tender spots of the human condition, Gary does it even better. With a voice the listener can actually feel, he escorts you right to the barstool for a drink full of emptiness on “Champagne.” His precision with balladry is a well-honed skill that leaves no doubt that he has faced down demons of his past. That is never more evident than on “Whiskey Dents,” a sober reflection about the ripple effect of an alcohol induced state, and by far the most powerful song of the lot. Overall, “Rewind White” is a trip down the familiar roads where Gary grew up in Southeast Texas. In the spring of 2018 he invites you to take a trip with him around the Nashville landscape with the release of part II “Rewind Blue.”

Gary Kyle and The Kin are: Gary Kyle (lead vocals, Rhythm guitar), Brenden Gilman (lead guitar, backing vocals), Paul Ingleking (bass, dobro), Richard Shafer (drums, piano) and Aaron Sutton (guitar).



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East Texas Friends!!! ...

3 years ago on this day I was about to load Rach and our 2 day old, Willa Mae, into a wheelchair and out of the hospital to go home with her for the first time! Just minutes before we were going to check out I got the call from mom that dad had passed. Talk about bitter sweet and circle of life, all kinds of tears and emotions. I had taken the call outside the room and when I came in and told Rach she said "let's check out, go home and pack, and drive down there now!" Exhausted and sore from child birth, just 48 hours after delivering our 4th, my wife had no thoughts of her pain and discomfort. She only cared about making it from Dallas to Houston as soon as possible to be next to my mom. Today we had Willa Mae's Birthday party and remembered my dad. Still bitter sweet but I know dad gets a kick out of watching his granddaughter he never had a chance to meet. ...

So Rach and I are as tight on $ as we have been since ...well ever. Rach isn't working, and we put all our "savings" into the house in Dallas to get it sell ready. I don't say this for sympathy but to preface the pic and story. Woke up yesterday morning and heard a knock on the door...there was a woman from HEB delivering hundreds of dollars of groceries to our house. We Thought she had the wrong house....nope our friends Karrie Yount Andy Yount ordered and bought us all of this. #godisgood #friends #love #faith ...

Wow!!!! It's hard to get on FB right now...so many people saying "I'm deleting any friends who stand for hate"
1. first you can't begin to know someone's heart via FB posts (or 100% of the truth from any media source)
2. If the object is to divide and conquer...guess what it's starting to work. Who do you think wants this and how do they implement it??
3. Were you really friends before this or just FB friends? I feel sorry for the generation behind me. I'm generalizing, and I know there are exceptions, but true friendship can't be built via FB. Using the term "friend" for someone who follows you on social media is ridiculous. I've heard guys close to me say "yeah we are friends" I said ok call them...."well we are friends on FB....NOT THE SAME THING!
Put your phones down!!! Turn off the news! Pray for our country.
Racism will always exist because SO WILL IGNORANCE, and guess what....IGNORANCE IS COLOR BLIND!
All that being said....if you think race relations are at an all time low....go outside and pay attention when you walk around (this will require you to put your phone away!!) because they are not!!!
Love is the only way! AND....put your damn phones away!!

San Antonio friends...... ...

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