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Raised in Kingwood, TX, just outside of Houston, Gary grew up the youngest of six children in a very musically charged family. Gary’s father, who passed when Gary had just turned a year old, was a country/bluegrass performer for years, and his mother sang and performed in theatre. Gary’s life took a dramatic change at the age of 13, when Gary’s 19 year old vivacious, free-spirited brother, was diagnosed with Leukemia. He passed just months later. After that, life took on a whole new meaning for Gary. It shook him into the realization that life is too short and too precious to be taken for granted. Gary then made a vow to follow his heart and cherish each moment to the fullest. This passion for life later became the basis of the title track of his debut CD, aptly entitled “Livin”. When Gary was a senior in high school, his mother gave him his father’s guitar. Making good on a promise to his mother that he would attend college and earn a degree, Gary attended the University of North Texas in Denton where he majored in Marketing and Sociology. Music took precedence over academia, however, but after six years of college (no, he is not a doctor!) Gary earned his degree. Gary has a relentless passion for performing, and his unorthodox connection with the audience, leaves an undeniable mark on all who see him play.

Gary has released three studio albums: Livin, Turn this Life Around, and Texas Strong. He has had 4 singles charting in the top 30 on the Texas Charts. His title cut to his newest record “Texas Strong” is the theme song for the popular TV show Lone Star Roads with Justin Frazell. Gary is always writing new material and he is working on his fourth record. He has found a new love for producing and artist development and has been producing and writing for several other artists. If you haven’t seen a Gary Kyle show then you need to find out when he is in your area and mark it on your calendar! With a band second to none and an incredible energy on stage good times will be had by all.



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Had a blast tonight with my friends Joey Green and Austin Allsup. Super talented musicians and people. ...

Anyone else feel like someone is standing on your head??? ...


FRISCO THURSDAY NIGHT AT ROCK 101. Joey Green and Austin Allsup will be my guests!! Show starts at 8.
My son Garrett says if you don't come out he's gonna permanently have this look on his face.

So I had a couple daddy moments today I thought I would share…
So as I am running bathwater for the girls, the bathtub starts leaking onto my foot. Nope… Willa Mae thought it would be funny to pop a squat over my foot before bathtime. Oh yeah, she was laughing the whole time.
Next, right as I'm trying to walk out the door to take Ruby to school,she says "dad my unicorn is horny". With face-a-flush and in a somewhat Scooby Doo sounding voice I said "whaaaaaat?" She said "yeah dad his name is horny cuz of his horn"

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